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  • Do you take commissions?
    I am always taking commissions, just send me an email or fill out the contact form on this site with your idea and budget. I do paintings, painted shoes, painted jackets, and am always willing to try new things!
  • How can I get a commission done by you?
    Send me an email directly or fill out the contact form on this site and I will answer as soon as I can!
  • Why is the print on my shirt or hoodie uneven?
    Each shirt is printed by hand so variations in the intensity of the print are normal.
  • What other projects are you working on?
    I am currently one of four directors at The Grackle Art Gallery in Fort Worth, as well as the bassist of a band called Eyes Over Mine.
  • Will you do another run of prints?
    Once the 25 prints in each set are sold, they're gone forever. I will not restock them unless I make a change to the initial image.
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